Altamiro da Costa Pereira

Altamiro da Costa Pereira

MD. PhD.

Altamiro da Costa Pereira is Director and Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP), Coordinator of the Center for Health Technology and Services Research (CINTESIS), the RD&I unit he created in 2004, and President of the Network of Portuguese Language Medical Schools (CODEM-LP).

Altamiro da Costa Pereira graduated in Medicine from FMUP in 1983 and began his academic career in 1985 as an assistant in Epidemiology and Public Health, specializing in Pediatrics at the Hospital de São João (Porto). He has attended several post-graduate courses at the Universities of Johns Hopkins (USA), McGill (Canada), and Nijmegen (Holland). He completed his doctoral studies at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School – University of Dundee (Scotland) in 1993 and passed his habilitation exams at FMUP in 1999.

Altamiro da Costa Pereira has developed scientific activities in national and foreign institutions, in clinical medicine, public health, health services, informatics, and medical informatics, signing more than 300 scientific publications. He has served on more than 50 panels and evaluation committees for national and international grants, projects, and scientific research teams in life sciences, health, and technology, and he has been regularly invited by the European Commission as an evaluator since 1999.

His academic management activities began in 1995 with the direction of the Biomathematics Service, which led to the Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Service (SBIM) and later to the Department of Health Information and Decision Sciences (CIDES). From 2016 to 2019, he led the Department of Community Medicine, Health Information and Decision Making (MEDCIDS) at FMUP, a position he left to take on the leadership of this faculty. In recent decades, he has held several important positions in the governing bodies of FMUP, the University of Porto, and other institutions related to health and scientific research.