Adelino Leite-Moreira

Adelino Leite-Moreira is a researcher at the Cardiovascular Research Centre (UniC), Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP), where he is Director of the Department of Surgery and Physiology, as well as of the Doctorate and Master’s Degree in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences.

He has had a degree in Medicine from FMUP since 1989, where he completed his PhD in 1997, and in 2002, he was awarded an Aggregate Degree in the same field.

He has been a specialist in Cardiothoracic Surgery since 2003, holding a consultant’s degree and working as Head of Service at the University Hospital Center of São João and the CUF Porto Hospital. In adult cardiac surgery, Adelino-Leite Moreira has focused his work on surgical and technical innovation, with extensive experience and specialization in mini-invasive surgery, mitral and aortic valve reconstructive surgery, aortic root surgery, coronary bypass surgery with off-pump arterial grafts, among others.

In addition to cardiac surgery, diastolic function, heart failure, right ventricular function, and pulmonary hypertension are also part of his research interests.